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PT Incorporating Equine Movement/Hippotherapy as a Treatment Tool

In PT sessions at Rainy Day Ranch the therapist uses the movement of the horse to address the patient’s challenges, such as deficits in balance, strength, endurance, coordination, communication, and attention. 

PT incorporating hippotherapy as part of a treatment plan is lead by a licensed therapist. Although riding skills aren't taught, the therapist utilizes equine movement to achieve functional outcomes in daily living, such as participating in family, school, and community life.

Rainy Day Ranch currently works with a licensed physical therapist for our Physical Therapy Program. 

Physical Therapy Program: Welcome


Cynthe Slaybaugh, MS, PT

College: Pacific Union College, California, BS Biology/Chemistry

Graduate School: Pacific University, Oregon, MS Physical Therapy

American Hippotherapy Association training: Level I, and Level 2

Professional Memberships: PATH, APTA, AHA

My interest in horses started on the cattle ranch I grew up on in Northern California. About 15 years after becoming a Physical Therapist, I discovered the specialty area of PT incorporating hippotherapy and was thrilled to join my love of horses with my passion for physical therapy! I have been incorporating equine movement into my physical therapy practice for the past 10 years and feel it is one of the most amazing treatment tools I have to use. I have used it to treat veterans, children, and adults of all ages and many different diagnoses. I have a more traditional therapy office located inside The Valley Athletic Club where I see a diverse patient population for everything from rehabilitative exercise to aquatic-based therapy. Evaluations for PT incorporating equine movement/hippotherapy as a treatment tool are typically done at that office.

Physical Therapy Program: About Us


Physical Therapy Program: Who We Are
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